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HEY GUYS! Do you remember how to do an activity check?

Here's a reminder! Reply to this post with 2 posts and a log from February. The log can be one in the main comm reborn_biz, or a comment thread in someone else's journal that exceeds a total of 15 comments.

If we just accepted your app/re-app just mention when you were accepted.

Look, Rika even made a copy-paste text box for you to use!

You guys have 2 weeks to do it, considering we just restarted. Inactive characters will be given a week to post after the AC, and if they don't, we're going to have a talk with you. (Esp since after the restart there shouldn't BE inactivity...)

Go for it. :\

Also, if you want to laugh at one of your mods, I thought it was December.
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