Leonardo Lippi (dishonesta) wrote in rebornbiz_ooc,
Leonardo Lippi

I can't say this is unexpected. A few of you have already known that I've never been entirely into the game ever since I joined. I could list a bunch of reasons but let's just keep it simple and short.

It's been fun, really. I absolutely adore Leo's CR thus far (which isn't a lot, but that's my own fault). And the Millefiore staff are nothing but fabulous. Which is even more reason for me to step down so I don't drag you guys along with my inactivity. I've been gone for a while, and school work + my decline in interest for Reborn muses just kind of killed it for me. My apologies to Shouichi, I never finished any log with you =/. Also it's a shame that Leo never got a chance to interact with Mukuro, despite our talk of shenanigans :<. But just keep in mind that I love you all ♥

Long story short, Leo is now out of the game.

I hope you guys have a great time, SB. Thanks for having me ♥
Tags: drop
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