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As freezing men recollect the snow

I could give all sorts of excuses for this, but at the end of it all I'm afraid they will seem insufficient and flimsy compared to what I'm leaving behind. Suffice to say that this is neither sudden nor hasty: I have been weighing the consequences of this decision for a long long time, and though it crystallized in my head only last night I've been aware of this possibility for... longer than most might expect. There is never a right time for goodbyes, not really, but I would rather have this parting now, while this RP is still beautiful for me, than wait until both Uni and Haru suffocate.

I don't want to clutter this with apologies, so I won't. Everything that has needed to be said has been said -- or will be said -- to the right people; for now, please accept my profoundest thanks for everything you all have been to me these past few months. You have been inspirations who have astounded me time and time again with your brilliance, your originality, the sheer joy and reckless grace of your words. But more than that, you have been wonderful friends and confidantes, people I hardly expected or hoped to find when I met this group of assorted strangers and acquaintances mere months ago. And for this above all I am grateful.

Needless to say, I wish this RP nothing but the best. I will not say "may you find a replacement soon", because players for these characters might not be easy to come by, but I will say: may this community grow in both talent and number, because it is nothing less than what you deserve.

Uni Giglionero would like to extend her heartfelt gratitude to Byakuran-sama for being granted the privilege of working with him throughout this time. And Haru Miura, though she has not worked for Tsuna-san long, wants to thank him for the opportunity he has given her -- and leaves him all her love.


friend remove onlyluminous
friend remove sweetcoercion

Oh... and yes, that thing on RP!S? That was me.
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