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Let's go get lost

Joining SB was really a whim. I saw the ads on my flist and checked it out, thinking 'Oh, man, this looks like a good game to play Shouichi in' and clicked away when I saw that he was already taken.

Then a couple days later, I saw the ad again in a different community and said to myself, 'Well, where else are you going to find a single-fandom au game for Reborn? Seriously.' I looked at the list again and went ahead and reserved Byakuran to mull it over.

To be perfectly honest, I almost forgot about my reserve. I might have even let it run out but, while I was in class one day, I got a LJ PM notification from a prospective Uni player saying that the mods wanted her to clear some things with me before she finished her app. I threw her a quick PM back, okaying everything, and then told myself well, it's a boring class, you're already finished with your work, type that sucker out.

The app took all of thirty minutes, maybe. I guess I'd always known what I had in mind for Byakuran's history and sample here. And I could swear, I was accepted by the time I got home from class.

I loved the game. I loved playing with all of you and I'm can't say there's anyone here that I regret meeting. In fact, if I could do it all over again, I'd join just to meet and play with you all.

To be honest, I love it still. But, I've also got to face the fact that I'm not the Byakuran you need. He's a strong muse, but I feel the Millefiore and the game as a whole suffer from my inabilities as a player and I'm just not doing what needs to be done anymore.

So, like a bandaid, I really feel like I ought to let go, too:

friend remove srslyevilbzns

And, thank you. I've never regretted joining SB for an instant and I hope you guys just keep getting better.
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